Sunday, March 23, 2014


Luke Jacobs, guitarist for Rebel Walking, is living the life of a rock star. From parties to women, Luke seems to have it all. Just as Luke starts to feel like everything is going his way, he gives in to the temptation of what has always been right in front of him, yet forbidden.

Bass guitarist, Lilly Taylor, has had her eyes on Luke for quite some time. However, Luke’s reputation has always kept her from getting too close.

How will their worlds change when the two collide? Will Rebel Walking be ruined, or can they overcome the consequences of their actions?

Review:  ~by Shelly 

I rate this book 5+ stars

All I can say is this book will have you have your emotions all across the board. This is Luke Jacobs, and Lilly Taylor's book.  Luke is the guitarist for the band Rebel Walking and Lilly is the bands bassist.  They are the best of friends, and nothing in the world could ever change that....that is except for the overwhelming attraction they have for each other.

Lilly has been in love with Luke since she can remember.  But at the risk of ruining their friendship, she keeps that info to herself, in the hopes that maybe someday, he'll throw aside his playboy was and finally settle down.....with her.

Luke can't stand it anymore.  He needs to give into this physical attraction he has with band mate and best friend, Lilly.  She is perfect to him in everyday, and if he ever thought there was any part of him that could ever love, he is sure it would be her.  However, that is something he will never allow himself to do. 

Giving into the attraction, could be the thing that brings both their souls exactly what they need, or it could be the one thing, that breaks them both for good.

This book had a very emotional impact on me.  (Yes, I am in Hil's rehab) lol!!  I cannot wait to read the next installment of the Rebel Walking series. 

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