Monday, March 24, 2014


               FUTURE PROMETHEUS


                   WRITTEN BY: J.M. ERICKSON

Book Description

 November 7, 2013
End of Days... With his men missing in action and the target of his
black-op mission killed by his own men, Sargent Jose Melendez
requests extraction from the jungles of Brazil. Prior leaving, he
sees an entire city population wiped out by apparent violence by its
own citizens against each other -- no patterns or organization, just
a free for all murderous rage. Upon arrival at a makeshift refugee,
army fire-base, he learns that the majority of the male population
has been affected by toxic steroid levels resulting in uncontrollable
violent behaviors. With the human species at risk of extinction, his
own past is the key to the future. Joining forces with Dr. Marcella
Del Cruz, an experiment in long-term cryogenic sleep is in the final
stages of testing. However, a several month cryogenic sleeps goes
terribly wrong, leaving Melendez frozen in stasis on Ross Island,
Antarctica, for more than 160 years. He awakens to a future where
there are walled mega-states run by a militant matriarchies, with
cybernetic life forms, artificial persons (AP's) providing services
to keep their civilization flourishing. While human horrors such as
war, poverty, and disease of the "Pre-Fall" days are a
thing of the past, there are other secrets just below the surface of
this utopia. Wondering if he should return to stasis for the hope of
a better future or death, Melendez finds that his duty as a soldier
requires he takes action. With the help of his cybernetic rescuers,
he formulates a plan that will not only change the course of future
but will force humans to evolve and a new artificial sapience to
emerge. Who's left... Second Lieutenant Jose Melendez, USMC, awaits
extraction from the jungles of Brazil as the world's male population
succumbs to toxic steroid levels that drives them to kill everything
in their sight. Dr. Marcella Del Cruz, Chief Scientist, USAF, leads a
classified mission on Ross Island, Antarctica that holds the key to
humanity's future.
                             REVIEWED BY: APRIL EPLEY

      What a great sci-fi book. This book consists of two novellas, the first being ‘Emergence’ and the second being ‘Evolution’. This was an interesting read and I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to the next book in this series. This is a cliff hanger and I am impatient with wanting to know what happens next.
     Jose Melendez is a soldier with much training in cryogenics and amazing with science and numbers. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, which is part of the Autism spectrum. He may not have the social skills that you would expect but he is damn brilliant. When working with Cryogenic sleep he ends up asleep for over a hundred years instead of the 8 months he expected. This is after a mission went badly due to a virus that was causing men to go a bit crazy. When he awakens 100+ years later, everything is run by Aps (Robots) and women. He awakens startled by 3 Aps that become friends.
     While working on figuring out what to do, he comes upon ways of helping them become more human like. Funny it turns out they seem to have more feelings and emotions than he does. He finds out that Nemericana, run by women of course, is casting out the young boys at about 13-14 years old. Finding evidence that there is no longer a threat with men, Jose is determined to try to save these cast outs. Even more so once he finds out they are no longer just being cast out, now they are being executed. Jose and his military group are now saving the boys.
     Find out what happens when one of the Military girls inside Nemericana realizes her son is soon to be cast out. Do yourself a favor and read this book. It has logs from Jose in it which help you to keep track of exactly what he is thinking. I am giving this book 4 strong stars. Now I will be waiting for more of the story. Thank you.


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