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Make Me by Amanda Heath Blog Tour



Make me, Channing. Make me fall. Push me, shove me, just make sure I get there.” I shout at him, taking a step back. His eyes clash with mine. I read the challenge there, making me take another step back. He stalks the few steps to me and grabs my arms slamming his forehead down on mine, “I’ll make you.” His lips skim against mine as he continues to speak, “And I’ll be falling right there with you.”

Paisley Vaughn grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. After finding her mother dead from an overdose, Paisley and her baby sister are shipped off to live with her maternal grandparents.
She always knew they were rich, she just didn’t realize how rich they were. Now she’s being forced to go to a prestigious high school. One where the tuition is more money then she’s ever seen.
Thinking these rich kids are going to be snobbish and rude, she’s surprised to find the Vaughn name means she is untouchable. Well unless your name is Channing Southerland.
Paisley has to navigate her new life and all the new people in it. While her mother might have lied about her grandparents, no one is lying about Channing. He’s beautiful, mean, arrogant, and turning her on.
Before long a war is fought, leaving Paisley wondering if she’ll be ruined or made. Though she might just fall irrevocably in love.

Review:  ~by Tyler

5 stars!!

When I started reading this book I was hooked! I felt like I could relate to paisley in one way or another. Channing, oh don't get me started!! I LOVE him.

 In the beginning Channing was an asshole to Paisley, once Channing and Paisley went back and forth making one another jealous, and Channing never showed emotion at all, but once he was with Paisley, the true Channing was revealed. It was better to have him laughing then be serious all the time. Paisley had asked Channing to make her fall for him, and that's what he did. 

The cliff hanger at the end threw me off. Although I have to find what happens next because I was lost!! I look forward to reading the next book.

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Blog Tour Teaser #1

“Do you really want me to fall for you?” I whisper.
He gets up from the ground and runs his fingers through his hair. He seems frustrated but I don’t know why. “That’s what I want,” he whispers also. Looking back at me. I can’t see his eyes from here but I know what they look like. Full of fear and uncertainly. “I’m scared though. I’ve never been in a serious relationship. And I really don’t want to fuck this up.”
I’m scared too. Sometimes he consumes my thoughts and that was before I knew how he felt. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be with him and I screw up. But I know that I want to fall for him. I know deep in my soul that I will never have a love in my life like I would with Channing.
And that’s the scariest thought I’ve ever had.
“I don’t know if that’s what I want,” I tell him looking away.
He runs his fingers through his hair yet again. “Paisley, don’t fuck with my head. I’ve had enough of that in my life. I can’t do crazy bitches anymore.”
I flinch with the comparison to his mother. To my mother. “I’m not fucking with your head. Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”
I can see he’s pissed now. He’s unable to see my fear that I’m trying to push him away, like he was trying to push me away. “Stop. The. Fucking. Head. Games!” he yells, taking a deep breath after each word.
“I’m not!” I yell back. Who knows what the truth is anymore. I’ve been screwed by a lot of people, but I’m still here. I wouldn’t survive being fucked over by Channing. I wouldn’t survive him breaking my heart.
“Dammit Paisley! Open your fucking eyes! This is fucking real. You and me, that’s real. What we feel isn’t a fling. I’ve never felt this way about anyone in my life. Don’t take it from me,” his voice is pleading.
My body breaks out in a cold sweat and I wipe my palms on my leggings. My limbs shake and I don’t know if I’m mad or just plain fucked up. Maybe it’s me with the commitment issues. No, I know it is me. So I do something for myself, I let go of that fear. Though it comes out more like anger.
“Make me, Channing. Make me fall. Push me, shove me, just make sure I get there,” I shout at him, taking a step back. His eyes clash with me. I read the challenge there, making me take another step back.
He stalks the few steps to me and grabs my arms slamming his forehead down on mine. “I’ll make you.” His lips skim against mine as he continues to speak. “And I’ll be falling right there with you.”
Meet Amanda
I live in southern Arkansas with my husband and young daughter. There is also an insane Boston Terrier running around. I've always been a lone wolf and find my friends in books. I started writing at a young age and I haven't stopped since. Most days you can find me either glued to my laptop or my kindle. My first novel, This Beautiful Thing was an Amazon best seller for 11 weeks and a year later I'm still tickled to see people enjoy it. I may not be a huge seller but I have the best fans ever and I thank God everyday for every single one of them.

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Dark Wolf by Christine Feehan


#1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan now delivers her most eagerly awaited novel of all — ten years in the making. 

In Dark Lycan, Christine Feehan journeyed into the heart of the Carpathians, and into the souls of two lifemates stirred by the flush of passion and the threat of annihilation. In Dark Wolf, the breathtaking story continues as the bonds of family are imperiled, and the fate of two lovers lies hidden in the seductive shadows between life and death.

Skyler Daratrazanoff always recognized the miracle that was Dimitri Tirunul, a man beyond any dream that had ever engaged her nights. But she was human. Vulnerable. He was Carpathian. Nearly immortal. She was nineteen. He was an ancient. Yet she held half his soul, the light to his darkness. Without her, he would not survive. Caught between the two warring species, Dimitri has spent centuries hunting the undead to keep his people free, and humans safe. He had survived honorably when others had chosen to give up their souls. But now, marked for extermination by the Lycans, Dimitri found himself alone, and fearing for his life. But salvation was coming…

No Lycan would ever suspect someone like Skyler to dare mount a secret rescue operation. A teenage girl. A human of untested abilities. But she had something no one else had. She was predestined for Dimitri—as he was for her. And there was nothing stronger for Skyler than her desire to see her life-dream come true. Whatever the risk.

Review:  ~by Micaela

Dark Wold is about Skyler Daratrazanoff, a nineteen year old human, and Dimitri Tirunul, an ancient Carpathian warrior. They are lifemates- destined to be together. However, two societies are on the verge of war. The Carpathians and the Lycans. The leaders if these two societies are in the middle of creating an alliance between them, but when Skyler learns that the Lycans are holding Dimitri captive she must do everything she can to save him.

This book was the first book in the Carpathians series that I have read. In the beginning I was trying to piece together information about the two worlds, but once I figured it out, the rest of the story quickly made sense. I was glued to this book wondering what would happen next. There was so much action and the details were so vivid that I could imagine clearly everything that was happening. Christine Feehan does a great job of balancing big action sequences and slower parts that show the interactions between characters. And even through all of the chaos, these characters still have a lot of humor and heart. I really enjoyed this book and I am excited to read more. 

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Finding Willow Book Blitz by Dawn Robertson


Where do you turn when all the bridges you have built in life have gone up in flames? 
When the ones you love don’t protect you from the monsters lurking in the dark? 

I never thought at twenty-eight-years-old I would have nothing to show for my life. 
A child given away for strangers to raise. 
A childhood ruined. 
A life full of dead ends, drug abuse, and one night stands. 

I'm at a crossroads, and I have a choice to make. I choose salvation. 
I choose life. I choose myself, for the first time ever. 

I will find her. I will find the life I was forced to give up. 
I just pray that he stays out of my way. 

I am Starburst Bloom and this is my story. 

Review: ~by April

     This book is for 18+ readers please!  Please if you have not done so, read the first book ‘HERS’ first.  That is the first book in this series and may help with some understandings involved in this book.
     This book gives us much more detail and understandings of Starburst Bloom.  She is Seven’s best friend.  I have to admit I was not sure how I felt about Star in the first book.  After reading this book I think I like her much better.  That may come with the understanding her better. 
     Star has many decisions to make.  There are many life changes that need to be made and that means many choices for Star to make.  First off are her decisions that will help her to find Willow.  You will find out about Star’s family, Blue James (Sevens brother), Chrome and River.  I really love Chrome! Star really likes Chrome also.
     So without giving much away I will let you know that even if you have reservations after reading the first book, you really NEED to read this one!  I really enjoyed this book and I am giving it 4 strong stars! Great job with the story and I will be looking forward to more. 


I am weak. 
I am lonely. 
I am a slut. 
I am strong. 
I am Dominant. 
I am independent. 
I am Seven James. 

My entire life, no one has wanted me, and that was fine, because I sure as shit didn't need anyone else. Blah, Blah Blah, insert sad story here about negligent parents, and shitty siblings, and you have my life story in a nut shell. When my college boyfriend dumped me, it was just icing on the cake. Five years, and a booming career later I am here to collect my revenge. 

That was until a delicious plaything walked into the kink club I frequent, and rocked my typically un-rockable world. Causing me to break the one rule I have lived by since Daniel Alexander walked out of my life, never have sex with the same person twice. Ever. 

Warning!!!! Hers contains sexually explicit situations that may be uncomfortable for some. These include FF, FMF, and MFM interactions. 

Series Reading Order: 
Finding Willow: http://amzn.com/B00GXKIC8S 
Kink the Halls: http://amzn.com/B00H1AIHIO

Review: ~By April

     Due to the hot and sexy scenes in this book, this is for 18+ readers only.  This book includes FF, MFM, and FMF scenes. 
     I believe this book could benefit from some work and editing services.  There are quite a few errors that were hard to read around.  I almost did not want to finish it but I was very glad that I did.  I enjoyed this tragic yet surprising love story.  I really like the characters that Dawn Robertson created.
     Seven is a great character.  She is very sure of herself and definitely knows what she wants.  Well that is until Levi throws a few kinks in her thoughts.  Seven hates relationships and just has one night stands as the mood hits her. 
     Levi is a sweet guy!  He tries a bit to be the dominate man but he fails terribly with such a headstrong girl like Seven.  I was quite surprised with how quickly Seven and Levi progressed.
     I am still unsure if I like Star or not. She is Seven’s best friend and I am on the fence about her.  Maybe the next book will help my decision, we shall see.  She does really help Seven in more ways than one!

     There are some questions left at the end but it is not a cliffhanger.  You just still have to wonder about this or that.  You will see what I mean.  I believe this can be a wonderful book with a little more time and some proper editing.  I did like this story even with the mistakes. I am rating this book a 3 and a half.  Please I would love to read more.  Thank you for your time.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas to all of you from Shelly and April, and the rest of the gang at Sexy Book Reviews By Shelly & April!  Hope ya'll have a wonderful holiday, and happy reading!! 

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Timber Nelson has recently returned home after serving two tours in Iraq. Suffering from PTSD, he’s a shadow of the man he was before his time in the military. Instead of learning to live with the nightmares he faced in the war, he drowns them in a bottle of Crown.

Katherine Pierce is an alluring woman with dark brown hair, tattoos, and a fiery attitude. Yet her history is one full of disturbing images that she’s been trying to run away from for the better part of six years.

Undeniable attraction between Timber and Kat reaches its peak and they both give in to the unquestionable pull.

Will Timber be able to save Kat from her past repeating itself?

And will they be able to soothe each other’s scars? Or will their old scars become new wounds?

Review ~ by Shelly

I rate this book  5 ++++++++ stars!!!!!

I cannot express how much this book has meant to me!  It has overtaken the spot of #1 on my favorite stand alone novel EVER!!!  Stacy Borel is AMAZING!!!  How she took these characters and made them so incredibly deep and structured is out of this world!!!  It amazes me that there aren't many other reviews up about this book!!  WHAT ARE YOU ALL WAITING FOR!!!  GRAB THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW!!!  YOU WILL FOREVER BE IN MY DEBT!!!

Ok…now that, that was said, let me tell you about Timber Nelson!  HOLY S*#T!!!!  He has to be the hottest book boyfriend ever!!  Stacy's muse for Timber is the up and coming model/comedian, Joshua McCann.  Timber is sex personified.  He just  finished a tour in the military, where he has seen his entire crew, his brothers for better lack of a word, die right in front of his eyes and he was the only survivor.  This has left him hurt and broken inside, because he internalizes it, and blames himself for their deaths.

Katherine Pierce, aka Kat, recognized the tall, dark, handsome, sexy man that walked into the bar she works at , as the only boy in high school that she thought was decent.  She even had a crush on him back then.  Only reason she always kept her distance from him was because he was Adam's best friend.  And any friend of Adam's was NOBODY she wanted anything to do with.  

They played it off, as they didn't recognize each other, but that didn't last very long. They became fast friends, but the chemistry between them was not to be denied!!! They avoided talk of the past as much as they could until the past finally caught up with them.

This book has everything that as a romance reader you want in a book!!  It has lust and love, friends and enemies, good times and hard times, drama and angst….IT HAS IT ALL!!!  I have ugly cried before when reading books, but this one, sigh…this one really got to my heart!!  I don't think I have ever been so emotionally attached to a book before.  

I cannot express how much everyone IN THE WORLD needs to read this book!! Touching Scars by Stacy Borel is literary gold!!!!!

WILD ♥ Blog Tour


Title: Wild
Author: Adriane Leigh
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 13, 2013
An independent woman, a controlling man, and one wild one-night stand… Kat Kennedy moved to the rugged coast of Maine to start a new life, but encountered much more than she bargained for in dark, dangerous, and seductive Lane Wild. Desire and temptation smolder before she succumbs to her darkest fantasies with the captivating stranger. She doesn't expect to see him again after an explosive one-night stand leaves her breathless and craving more, but just like lightning in the darkness, he shows up in her life at the most unpredictable moments. A sensual game of cat and mouse ensues before the attraction between them reaches a fever pitch—the magnetism combustible, the sexual tension nearly unbearable—and Kat finally abandons inhibition and explores the cunning, selfish, and sexual side of a world she's never known. They have the perfect non-relationship—passion-fueled nights with no strings attached—until life gets real and the past and present collide in a dangerous storm of lust and obsession.

     18+ ONLY read!  This story is very steamy and includes a lot of sex. Mature readers only please. Okay there is the warning.
     First we have Kat Kennedy.  Kat moved to Maine and is living in a small cottage in the coast town of Rock Island.  I liked Kat.  She is very strong willed, determined with a side of spunk!  She can definitely ‘swap’ words.
     We also have Lane Wild.  Lane has his eye on the new girl.  He is very full of himself with confidence.  He is very protective and OMG can he talk nasty!!  Lane is a wonderful guy!  Read the book you will see why.
     Lane and Kat have a very hot one night stand. Neither looking for love, just a bit of fun times.  They didn’t even swap phone numbers, much less names.  Living in a small town it would be difficult to not run into one another again.  Of course, Right!  Of course they did.  Maybe they will end up with more than they bargained for.
     I liked this book.  The best part for me was the last thirty percent or so.  That was when it started getting very interesting with the plot.  I wish to read more of that drama and suspense that was involved.  I would love to read some more about Ridge.
     I am giving this book 3 and a half -4 stars.  It’s a great sexy read.  They both spent quite some time showing us how much they could enjoy. ;)  This book dove straight into it and that was great.  I would like to read more from Adrianne Leigh.  Thank you for the sexy book!
My Favorite Quotes:
Kat- “Well, that was then; this is now. Don’t call me Sugar.”
Lane- “You’re an angry little thing, not sure what I did to deserve that…”

My Favorite Thought

From Lane  -   I couldn’t be in the same room with this woman without wanting her.  I was drawn to her, completely.  She was an addiction, her flaming hair and the fire in her eyes pulled me to her, and I was helpless to resist.

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About the Author
Adriane Leigh Adriane Leigh was born and raised in a snowbank in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and now lives amongst the sand dunes of the Lake Michigan lakeshore. She graduated with a Literature degree but never particularly enjoyed reading Shakespeare or Chaucer. Adriane is married to a tall, dark and handsome guy, plays mama to two sweet baby girls, and is a voracious reader and knitter.

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VIP By M. Robinson Book Tour

Title: VIP
Author: M. Robinson
Genre: Erotica
Publication Date: December 4, 2013

The beginning- A point in time or space where something starts.
32 year old Sebastian Vanwell, was a very successful yacht broker, who always loved the design and architecture of a luxurious yacht. His only addiction was being on the water. He loved it, he thrived on it, and he needed it in his life. After a very stable, loving child hood with a few bumps, Sebastian married the love of his life. The one person that he knew would always be there. Julia was his rock, and he loved her more than life itself. Sebastian kept his addiction to the water under control, wanting to keep his time with his wife and son his number one obsession, that was until he saw her. This new addiction haunted him, the one compulsion that he couldn’t control no matter how hard he tried.
Ysabelle Telle hit him hard, knocking the wind from his lungs. Coming from worlds apart, beautiful, dark complexion Ysabelle Telle didn’t have the rich, protected background that Sebastian Vanwell had. Ysabelle lived a life of hell, in poverty, growing up with a drug addict mother that never cared, and horrific living conditions. Ysabelle lived for one person and one person only; herself. She was pure perfection, her beauty along with a flawless body had men lined up, driveling over her insuring her success as a VIP.
There are too many words that describe the effects when two diverse worlds like theirs collide. They both have too much to lose to get caught in the forceful pull, which could destroy them both.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and drug use. Intended for mature audiences.

Review: ~by April

     I liked this story.  I liked how it was written from the different POV’s.  This is a bit of a different love story.  18+ reader only please.  Sexy and Steamy!!
     So we have a couple main characters.  One is Ysabelle – or Ysa – as “he” calls her.  Her mother was a prostitute and evil I might add.  Her mother was always looking for her next bottle or her next high and never concerned with what Ysabelle needed.  She even went so far as to sell her virginity to one of her Johns. Really!! OMG!! Oh how I hated that woman!
     Ysabelle pretty much stayed away from home as much as possible.  Needless to say she ended up becoming a VIP for Madam.  Read it to see what happens while she is an escort!
     Sebastian grew up much different.  Great life, wonderful caring parents and had all he needed.  His best friend was Julie, his babygirl.  She called him Sebby, I loved that nickname!  They did everything together.  Then Julies parents adopt Olivia. She became part of the pair to make a trio, the three musketeers.  One night everything changes.
     This book was great how it wove all of these lives together.  I liked the style of writing a lot.  It made it different and kept you interested.  I am looking forward to more from this author.  I am giving this 4 strong stars.  Thank you for letting me read and review this book!
Favorite Quotes:
From Ysabelle:  “Sebastian, stop thinking… stop thinking and just feel.”
From Madam:  “This is complete bullsh*t.  You NEVER let a client mark you.  You aren’t someone’s God damn property.”
From Sebastian:  “…The thought of someone else’s hands on you… The mere idea of you being with someone else drives me fu**ing crazy.  I feel like I could kill whoever would touch you.”

M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.
She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.
She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.
Her debut novel VIP will be released in December 2013. Add it to your TBR list!!

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