Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Bare Essentials
by M.L. Stephens
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He's a cowboy with a guitarand an attitude. She's Nashville's toughest, most sought after music agent. They have one thing in common, country music.

Cutter Harrison relies on two things: beer and music- his music. At twenty-six, he's happily divorced and plans to keep it that way. 

Holly Avery is on the hunt. She's determined to discover the next country music star and is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. 

An unexpected meeting in Arkansas makes them question their pasts, their futures and the bare essentials of Love. Music brought them together, but will dirty secrets keep them apart?

Okay first off, I love M.L. Stephens! She never disappoints me no matter what genre she is writing in! That is hard to do! This book takes them all! I absolutely loved it! If I could award more than 5 stars I would gladly! This is a stand alone book and has NO cliffhanger!
Cutter is trying to forget heartbreak and dives into his music, the farm and booze and one night stands. Oh I love him.
Holly Avery, well she is not looking for any relationship! She is a talent scout out looking for her next Nashville star. Who would have thought she would have chanced upon Cutter in a field of all places! I love her sass and brass! That woman has balls of steel and she is fantastic!
Now the question is.... Where will it go from there. They both have secrets along with personal baggage to get over. Will they make or break each other? You will have to read it to find out! You will NOT be disappointed!
Thank you so much M.L. Stephens! I am looking forward to your next novel! Keep up the excellent work. Lots of love!

Meet M.L.

Image of M. L. Stephens

I write the characters and stories that scream the loudest.
I have an unshakable fetish for a good mystery and anything paranormal, along with an insatiable appetite for coffee and travel. When I'm not reading the novels of so many great authors, I'm creating stories of my own. My family keeps me grounded, my pets keep me jumping, my friends keep me focused, and it all happens in Texas!

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