Wednesday, October 23, 2013


            BY : AMBER GARZA
            REVIEW BY APRIL

  I really loved this book! It catches you from the beginning and does not let go. So much so that I read it in one sitting :) I feel really badly now that I have never read any of Amber's books before and now that will for sure change.
  I love how this book goes back and forth between Paige and Colts POV. I like that they both feel out of place with everyone else until they meet each other. I loved the butterflies their story gave me. 
  Colt's responsibility for his younger siblings is refreshing. I love how wonderfully thoughtful and protective he is over them. Through all the family chaos he (and they) have gone through, he is determined to help.
  Paige has a fairly good life (excluding some past and current issues). She has a best friend, Good parents etc. but she never feels the zing when she is around others - Until Colt!!
  I loved how they help each other through their ups and downs. Colt gets to realize that it is okay to care and stay put in one spot. Paige gets to realize she can rely on him and does not always have to be the strong one. 
  I am really glad I have read this book and I give it FOUR strong stars. I look forward now to reading more of Amber's work.

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