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 Check out A Witch's Curse by: M.L. Stephens
Finally available and such a wonderful book!!! What are you waiting for go grab a copy so you are not missing out!
  Hecate didn't dabble in dark magic. Watching her lover die at the end of another man's sword changed that. In a single act of vengeance, she turned her lover's killer into a werewolf and cursed him for eternity. It was A Witch's Curse to rival all others and it was her last act as a goddess.
   Drago despised being a werewolf. He spent thousands of years searching for an antidote, only to discover that the witch who cursed him, also had to cure him. Unfortunately, that witch died lifetimes ago. Undeterred, he continued to search. Two years ago he found Hecate's remains lying in a crypt hidden deep within the Louisiana Bayou. Today, he watched a coven of witches bring her back to life.

   He killed her lover. She damned him for all time. Can two souls who are destined to be eternal enemies, learn to forgive enough to live again?

                                                        M. L. Stephens Bio

     I'm always clicking away at the keyboard, but when I'm not, my family, two dogs, and a very peculiar cat keep me on my toes! There's never a boring moment at my desk!
    Besides my obvious love for coffee and all things caffeinated, I love to travel. The occasional tourist stop is fun, but I'm a back road kind of gal. Take me off the beaten path. I want to meet the ordinary people behind the culture.
    My crazy family includes a husband, four kids, two grandbabies, two dogs, and a cat. That's right! Life is totally insane! Now you understand why I write!
    Speaking of writing, I've been spinning stories around the campfire, since I can remember. Poetry was second nature, and as a teen and young adult, short stories were constantly being penned. I'm an avid reader, who loves almost all genres. Let's face it! A good read is a good read, regardless of whether it takes place in the future, the past, or with ghosts.

M.L. Stephens has done it again! This is by far the most amazing Broken Series novel! Hecate and Drago will capture the readers attention from the very first page and take them on a journey that leads them from the past, through the present, and into the future.

Hecate was resurrected by Claire's coven before her fight with Lucian. What they didn't know was that Hecate was being watched by the shifter Drago. While he watched, he tried to find a time that he could approach her as he'd planned to do his entire life, only the Fates intervened.

Because of what happened in the past, Hecate intertwined her present and future with Drago without even realizing it. With the help of her lover Packto and the gods of Ancient Greece, the future was set. Battle ensued and helped push the plan forward.

When hate becomes love and that love is threatened by someone who is your own blood, but someone you want to kill, what do you do? For Drago the choice was simple, save the woman he loved no matter the cost. With the help of Claire and Hunter, they do exactly that. From there, what happens next is up to Drago and Hecate.
Hot witches, shifters, evil, and the never failing use of magic, M.L. Stephens brings a world forward that will change your views on the supernatural world. Not everything is as it seems and behind every myth and fairy tale, there truth, even if it's only a little.

 I received an ARC of this book to review, and now that THAT'S out of the way.....I love a great paranormal/action/romance, and this book has it all.

I read the boxed set of the Broken series before reading this book, and couldn't wait till A Witches Curse came out! (I highly recommend you read the whole series btw) When I started this book, it felt like coming home to old friends. I love each and every character in this series, and I loved how ML interwove all of the characters and their stories.

This book has LOADS of action for the action buffs out there, mixed with hilarity, friendship and love. This is also about forgiveness, and gets straight to the point of it all. I love how this story doesn't beat around the bush, and how it doesn't insult the reader with endless "what do you means?"!

I know she just released this book, but I SO want her to hurry up and write another in this series. The endless possibilities!

I highly recommend this book and the WHOLE Broken series. I would put M.L. Stephens right up there with Faith Hunter and Rachel Caine. From the first paragraph, to the last, this story grabbed me and didn't let me go.

In the spirit of full disclosure I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I love the Broken series. Every character earns a place in readers hearts. The characters and plot of this book are no less memorable and mesmerizing than the rest of the series.

In A Witch's Curse we get to experience Hectate's story. She's the original witch revived in modern times. We get to discover her well thought out story and she takes us on an emotional ride. Drago, the hero, is as impressive as the other heroes of the series. His story is full of emotional turmoil and struggles as well. These two polar opposites take us on a curving path that keeps readers on the edge and begging to learn more. The author adds her unique humor in small doses which also keeps readers turning the pages.

                      Review by April.... I GIVE THIS BOOK 5 STARS...

Okay so first off let me say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! This is now my Favorite that M.L. Stephens has written to date!!! I was lucky enough to get to read an ARC of this book in exchange for a honest review. I loved that this book focused on Hecate and gave the background as to why Draco was well..... Draco. The fact that his plan did not happen how he thought it would hehehehe the surprise is on him :)He spends so much of his time hunting for her for it all to backfire on him once they both realize what truly happened. It was wonderful! I think this was a great novel and works wonderfully as a stand alone if you have not read the 'Love you More' Series, however if I were you I would pick up that box set and read it also!! I sure hope M.L. continues down this path as I would love to see more about the school and the 'crew'. I will be her fan for life!! Thank you for giving us "A Witch's Curse' Please keep on going!!!!


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