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For centuries, the Dark Coven has been waiting for a 
Pureblood to arise. The blood calls to them, and they need it, crave it, and so they grow impatient, praying on a White Coven couple. Desperate to have a baby, the couple agrees to pay the price- their child would become a Trueblood. But the Dark Coven is in for a surprise when it comes time to collect their blood payment…

Author Bio

My name is Mikule Walsh. I'm 20 years old, and live in the small town of Norwalk, Ohio. I graduated from ECOT back in 2011 with Honor Cord, as well as getting several Academic Achievement awards, for tutoring. I started writing back when i was 15, and had wrote several short stories and a novella. I stopped writing due to the lack of inspiration I needed to give me that extra push to keep going. In October of 2013 I was asked if I would write a short story to be included in a Anthology called Eight til' Christmas; and was more than happy to join in. After being a part of the anthology, I decided that I would start writing again and began working on my book, Darkness Of Love. I had so much support and help from several other authors and advice was given to me that it kept giving me ideas as to where to go with it and plan on releasing it on March 13th 2014.

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